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Mesh-up Plastic Remesh Supports - Hints and Product Information

Plastic Springs

It should be explained to the workers who install the chairs that Mesh-ups are virtually plastic springs. When wire mesh is placed properly on Mesh-ups, excellent results will be obtained with little effort. However, they are not magic, and after deflection they must be allowed to rebound.

Heated driveway and parking area being installed.Mesh-Ups are Easily Applied

Mesh-ups are attached where wires intersect so they will not rotate, shift, or fall off. IMPORTANT NOTE: The lower slot in the Mesh-ups is to receive the lower wire at the intersection. This seems minor, but it should be pointed out so that units will be applied properly the first time. Use 4-inch high 4x4-inch blocks or larger to elevate the wire and facilitate Mesh-up application.

Wire Should be Straight

To position wire properly it must be straight with no tendency to curl. If the wire is not adequately straightened, the inspector should be on the lookout for "low" spots where an additional Mesh-up might be necessary. And at "high" spots of little stress, a unit can be removed.

Use Top Rebar

In design where slabs are poured monolithically with thickened beams, the mesh should be shown lying on top of the top reinforcing steel beam for additional support (any conduit and plumbing must be located under the wire).

Mesh-ups (Rebar-ups) shown here supporting rebar.

With a Few Precautions - A Better Job

Tie wire at splice, tie wire to proper elevation at external forms, internal dividers, vertical projections (plumbing, standpipe, vertical conduit, etc).

NOTE: Installation is not recommended in subfreezing temperature.

Additional Mesh-ups Information

●  Download the Mesh-ups data sheet.

●  Download the Mesh-ups spec sheet.

●  View the video "How to use Mesh-ups to Properly Position the Heating Cable."

●  View the Mesh-ups Spacing Chart.

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